Thursday, May 31, 2012

Euro Racists

Nice.  If you want to insult someone, you call them "Jew."  (Video is long, but very interesting; disturbing.)

The guy in the video explains that it's not meant to be an INSULT insult, just a terrible thing to call someone.


And of course all the things they call black people.  I'm pretty tired of Euroweenies calling Americans racist.
(Nod to Dutch Boy)


Natalie said...

I was rather shocked at the rampant racism voiced when I worked with liberal western Europeans. They derided Americans for being PC then would talk about dirty

JWO said...

It seems common to man but I wonder is socialism increases it.

Anonymous said...

My guess is it's a chicken vs egg phenomenon, Jim. Which comes first, people avoiding responsibility for their own well-being (blaming greedy Jews and job stealers) or socialism?