Friday, May 04, 2012

Video Links

1. Free "Pussy Riot." Because PR is in jail for hooliganism. For doing this.
More info from the Nation (Thanks to R. Balko, via Angry Alex)

2. Baby Boomers Born to Be Wild

3. Oddly angry video on "IRS Fraud." Don't see why it's IRS fraud. Congress be writin' them statutes, bud.

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doclawson said...

Re: Pussy Riot. I'm all down with free speech, but you don't have the right to do it on someone else's property. The Russian church, despite its semi-official (and corrupt) status, is a private place. Blasphemy shouldn't be a crime, but trespass sure should be. I have little more sympathy for these jerks than I do for the Occupy crowd.

If they want to break the law to make their point, that's ok too, but back in the days of MLK and Ghandi, they all understood that they would pay the price.

(Though I shouldn't have to say it, just because I thing these gals are jerks, doesn't imply I like Putin or his thugs or the corrupt Russian church.)