Sunday, June 24, 2012

Did Not Participate?

Wow.  I see a real growth in opportunities for revisionist history.  We could say that African-Americans "did not participate" in baseball before Jackie Robinson.  That women "did not participate" in voting before the passage of the 19th Amendment.

Why not?  Because it was against the *&%*$%# LAW, that's why.  "Did not participate?"  Give me a break.  It was pure discriminination.

But now WRAL decides to cover the NCBA State-Sponsored Parties Only Governor Candidate Debate this way:

Democrat Walter Dalton faced questions about how they differed from not only each other but from elected officials in their own party during their first fact-to-face political forum in the race for governor.

Libertarian Barbara Howe is also running for governor but did not participate in the debate.

"Did not participate"?  In 2008, when I said I was going to try to crash, I was specifically told that if I even tried to attend the NCBA debate, I would be arrested, handcuffed, and taken to jail for trespassing.  Arrested.  Because of that threat, AND THE FACT THAT I WASN'T INVITED, I "did not participate" in the NCBA debate.  (More below the fold)

Now, it happens again.  I assumed that having Laura Leslie, who is an honest person, on staff at WRAL would make a difference.  And perhaps it has.  But WRAL is pulling the same crap again:  "did not participate."

May I suggest a revision, just a slight rewording?

Libertarian Barbara Howe is also running for governnor.  But in spite of qualifying for ballot access under the stringent requirements of the state of North Carolina, Ms. Howe was not invited to participate in the debate.  The North Carolina Bar Association has not responded to repeated requests to explain this omission.

Alternatively, we would go back and rewrite the OTHER history, and say gay couples "did not participate" in getting married in North Carolina.  Because I checked:  no gay couples were legally married in NC this year, none at all.  See how rotten that whole "did not participate" thing is, as news coverage?

I'm not surprised about the NCBA.  They are bunch of corporate counsels and county attorneys with a stake in the existing, corrupt system.  But I did expect better from WRAL.

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Natalie said...

You may be the first person who has ever expected better from WRAL.