Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm so PROUD!

The YYM turned 21 a week ago.  A proud moment in a father's life, where there is an evolution of aging in baseball.  First, the kid is old enough to play t-ball, then baseball.  Then I got to coach various teams.  Then I got to watch him play on various teams, and excel in lots of ways.

And we got to watch games together.  First he was old enough not to spill the drinks when I brought them back to the seats.  Then he was old enough to win the "fast-pitch" competition (which he did at least a dozen times) down at the radar gun booth.  Then he was old enough to go get the drinks and hot dogs, while I relaxed in the seats.

Now, he's old enough to go buy the BEER while I relax in the seats.  A major step.  Really, all that's left is the day when he can PAY FOR the beers, because he has a JOB.  I do look forward to that final milestone.  That's spelled J*O*B, there, fella.

In the meantime, though, we sponsored a party for him, and 50 or so of his friends, at Metro 8 Steakhouse.  Rented the whole place, from 10 pm until much later (shared with two other friends with "close" birthdays, I should note).

And how did the YYM chose to dress to honor this rite of passage into alcohol-legal adulthood, at a swank steakhouse?  He did what any proper Munger child would do.  He dressed (apparently, according to this underground cell phone image) as a cow.

Good one, YYM. 


Mr. Overwater said...

Was that his way of saying, "Eat me"?

Jeff said...


What makes a man?
Is it the power in his hands?
Is it his quest for glory?
Give it all you've got,
to fight to the top
So we can know your story

Now you're a man

A man, man man
Now you're a man

A manny manny man
A man man man

You are now a man
You're a man
Now you're a man

Live it, Live it

Anonymous said...

Mike, Congratulations to the LMM and to you and his mom.

Mazel tov!

John D. said...


That's a truly heartwarming post. I'm happy for you and the rest of your family. All the best, for many more years.

In the words of the immortal Bull Meechum, "I'd like to propose a toast, to my son. He is eighteen today. He has just ordered his first drink. Before he drinks it, I'd like to wish him a long life, a wife as fine as his mother, and a son as fine as he's been. To my son!"

- JD

Anonymous said...

Very cute young lads