Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Adam Thierer on network economies and net neutrality.

2,  Ken at Popehat.  I really, really like Ken.  But this is special. Nutter censors, or tries to.

3.  All complicated market interventions unravel.  Some just unravel faster than others.  ACA, for example.

4.  Max Baucus and Bill Shatner decry "government waste."  And they know how to waste money.  Max wants to maximize Medicare costs.  And Shatner...well.  Here's 10 gigantic wastes of money on tape.  Not ONE of those is as cheap as $60,000.

5.  It's all cheap talk, until somebody loses an arm.(And notice this is NOT published in AER)

6.  Video:  Golf "Fail" competition.  But they are ALL winners.

7.  Entertech toy gun commercial:  Hard to imagine seeing this today.  Plus, the Super Soakers are way better.  But they are NOT "realistic" guns, like this one is.

8.  If you have enough dumb regulations and bad tax laws, you can create a black market anywhere.

9.  Interesting question:  What would happen if there were no state medical licensing boards?  Answer:  a lot.  If Rotten Tomatoes can make a living "licensing" movies, then so could a site called Rotten Doctors, or "QUACKS!"

10.  A higher minimum wage is good, unless you are an intern in Congress.  Then, it turns out the experience is valuable, and the minimum wage is not so important, after all.  If experience is good, why do we need a minimum wage at all?

11.  Politician tells truth; Europe reels in shock and dismay.

12.  FGCU's "Hayekian Strategy"  But then that may not be surprising...

13.  The Crony Chronicles!

14.  Dear Leader is upset that his garage band didn't get invited to SXSW, perhaps?

15.  France overturns law that made it illegal to "look like" a prostitute.  There are so many ways to go with that, I leave it as an exercise to the reader to come up with the best joke.

16.  Nanny state, nanny state, whatcha gonna do?  New York is by FAR the most officious, intrusive nanny state.

17.  Kindred W reams Brad DeLong a new one.  Nicely done.

18.  A psychotically in-depth discussion of Basel III.  Me gusta.

19.  The enviro-politics of "eating local."(UPDATED:  Missing link fixed!  Thanks to commenter...


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