Friday, May 31, 2013

Fight the Power!

I have a great colleague (just got tenure), Dr. Bahar Leventoğlu.

 It turns out she has been fighting a landmark court case in Turkey, for the legal right to keep and use her own name (her "maiden" name in patriarchal language) after getting married.

And she won! GoodONya, ma'am!

 (Some background and other details on the case here)


John Thacker said...

Still not legal in Japan, as a recent court case was lost. Technically, it's only required that married couples share a family name, but 85-95% of the time it's the man's. (The exceptions tend to come with things like the woman comes from a well off family that has no sons in her generation, so the name would die out, plus maybe this way her husband would inherit the family business, etc.)

John Thacker said...

Recent Japanese court case.