Thursday, March 27, 2014

LeBron Interrupted: Marginal Revolution Gets a Pepper Solution

LeBron was pepper sprayed as a right-wing bad guy by an angry restaurant owner?

Sam Goldwyn was said to have remarked once, "That's so unbelievable, it's incredible."

Some guy goes into LeBron's class and tries to "arrest" him?  Then the guy pepper sprays him?

When D-Boo and D-Kly are right down the hallway?  Tyler's pretty inoffensive and fair-minded, by the standards set by GMU Econ faculty.

More here.  I wonder if the guy was a spurned restaurant owner, one that Tyler had critiqued as lacking the proper atmosphere for his dive.

When I first heard about this, and the report said that "a deranged man" had entered Tyler's classroom, I assumed they meant David Levy.

Tyler, sensibly, has not himself posted about this on MR.  The whole "break into my class, pepper spray me, and I'll make you famous" pattern is not incentive compatible.

UPDATE:  This is cool.  Tyler was teaching a section on vigilantes!   So the class thought that the "attack" was staged.

UPDATE II:  More seriously, I have absolutely no reason to believe that the attack was ideologically motivated, none.  I object when people assume that some gunman is a right wing nut, so I should say that there is no reason to think that this person was a left wing nut.  He may just have been deranged.  I do stand by the whole "David Levy" thing, however.

UPDATE III:  Here is a video about pepper spray and firing guns.  A Russian man learns that "pepper spray is bad shit."   With thanks to Kevin Lewis...

UPDATE IV:  Sexual harrassment, and computer hacking?  Yup, the guy is just nuts.  


Karl said...

Interesting back story to the guy with the gun. He's a Georgia boy.
His partner in the popular series of videos was murdered in January 2013.
He was raided by the ATF in March of 2013.
No idea whether he makes much money off it, but he spends a lot on ammunition, explosives, and gasoline.
My son is a big fan.

Karl said...

He can't be doing that poorly. He's in a guy ritchie spot for call of duty with robert downie jr.

Anonymous said...

Not being in the loop enough to know the references "D-Boo and D-Kly", I wandered over to GMU Econ site.

What a crappy site. I could not find a faculty listing with normal things like publications, cvs, etc. anywhere! Links to blogs, yes. Links to pubs, no!

Can't anyone design a web site?

Anonymous said...

people can design websites, but they don't work for university administration. just not enough money to go around; need to hire new vice-chancellor and assistant-deputy-provost for student internet engagement and culture.

Anonymous said...

Tyler needs to carry.

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