Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Seriously?  Some sort of deep allegory?  Not just a chance to show muscular women in scanty outfits?  And the "Yellow Horde" thing?  Reminds me of this:  "Yao Ming is the most profound threat to American Empire..."

2.  US/Russia still cooperating in space.

3.  A silly, silly study.  I would expect that being read to is much better than not being read to, for a child.  Whether the book is "factual" has to be a second or third order effect.

4.  Mr. Segal reveals his deep knowledge of leadership.   Perhaps Segal and Rodman can have a cage match to argue over whose psychotic "dear leader" is cooler.

5.  Dying to win?


6.  Light-up golf balls.  And they float.

7.  Don't mess with those humanities majors.  They'll get ya.

8.  The beginning of time...

9.  Does anyone notice a pattern here?  What's going on?  Of course, there's also "Shrimp Boy," who has the distinction of helping to combine a campaign against violence with a campaign to sell guns.  I understand that Democrats do politics instead of actual productive business, but this seems excessive.  To be fair, though, the Dem hierarchy is on the case.  They are going to prosecute folks, even their own folks, if they use fake accents.  Illegal guns, embezzlement...those are just normal Democratic things to do in California.  But disrespectful accents...nip THAT in the bud.

10.  Canadian company cravenly cashes in on peanut butter bankruptcy.  People, if stuff like this can happen, where foreigners buy up our essential food assets, why do we even HAVE a government?

11.  Can there be a game without rules?  Well, yes, but....An interesting history for this sort of game.

12.  P-Kroog plays favorites?  Next up:  Water is wet, and the sun rises in the east!

13.  A growing drumbeat.  Notice that this is not an effort to arrest people who are fraudulently claiming to hold a certain, when in fact they know the truth.  This is an effort to arrest and silence (at best) a group that the people with guns happen to disagree with.

14.  Deutsche fin min keeps saying "rising rates."  I don't think that phrase means what he thinks it means.  Or perhaps he doesn't mean that at all, and he's just saying it.

15.  He's got a good point.  Not a great point, though.  Our students are not actually learning anything, except that they don't like math.

16.  This is pretty great.  Sort of "Jackass Meets CrowdSourcing."  Well, maybe not quite Jackass.  But not that far from it, either.

17.  By the same folks:  Contingent, refundable campaign contributions.

18.  Maudlin sophistry and stunning brilliance.  Hey!  Except for the stunning brilliance, that sounds a lot like MY work!

19.  NEVER underestimate the POWAH of the dark side.  They have free bacon.

20.  Do we take law and order for granted?  Could just a few people run roughshod over us?  I'm willing to give credit to the police.  They have a hard job.  But they are just doing their job.  The problem is when police go over to the other side, because it's more profitable.

21.  Gotta give Bill Maher some props here.

22.  April is "Grilled Cheese Month"!  Here are 30 recipes.  That's one for each day, if you're a Michigan State Fan.  And if you are Kentucky fan, a grilled cheese is a kind of sandwich.


Trapper_John said...

#13: Where have I heard that particular song before? Ah, yes!

Gerardo said...

P-Kroog should know better than to pick a fight with someone with a visible pulpit and unlimited column space. Usually he lights up Greg Mankiw or John Taylor or some poor guy who has to resort to his blog or, even worse, the WSJ to get a word in.

Anonymous said...

22. And what if you're a Mercer fan?

Tom said...

David Brooks: "...these places are not just grappling with poverty. They are marked by disorder, violence and man-inflicted suffering."

Fox Butterfield?

Could it be that "disorder, violence and man-inflicted suffering" is the main cause of poverty?

"... in Malawi, there is one prosecutor for every 1.5 million citizens." No, Mr. Brooks, there are few "official" prosecutors.

The clues are there: a "Peruvian girl named Yuri" failed to get justice, not because her family couldn't afford it, but because the almighty State was arrayed against them.

Kill the State.