Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Things Italian Moms Say, Parts II and III

I, myself, have heard, "Hey, get a mopina and clean that up!" more than a few times.  (As always, the "a" at the end, like ricotta, pronounced "rigot" in Southern Italiy/Sicily, is dropped:  mopeen).

(Some other interesting background.  For example, I have heard the phrase "chigoots" or something like that.  It turns out that is "che cazzo vuoi," which in Southern Italy/Sicily slang is shortened to "chigoots" because the c becomes a g, or almost a g.  It means, literally, "What the penis do you want?"  but colloquially can be used in many contexts, such as "What are you doing?  You are an idiot! Get away from me!"  Now THAT is a phrase that will come in handy, people.)

With hugs to Jenn Merolla.

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