Sunday, April 27, 2014

Deerfield Beach

An "urban legend" is when there is this "fact" which, on examination, turns out not really to have a source.  People who at first assert the "fact" with great confidence, as if they themselves saw, experienced, or heard the thing, quickly back off, and admit it was a FOAF, or a cousin's friend's hairdresser.

So, hearing we were visiting Deerfield Beach, three people told us to check out a GREAT restaurant, The Whale's Rib.  On the menu, on the website, and pretty much everywhere there is a flat surface, TWR reminds you that Guy Fieri visited for "Triple D."

And the reviews are pretty good, overall.

Stil, when pressed, our recommenders backed off a bit.  "Well, I'm not saying it's great.  But other people like it.  People...I....know.....from somewhere, I'm not really sure."

So, we tried it.  Got there a little later than we intended, and there was a long line.  (Violating one of Tyler's key rules, about lines....Plus some more rules, if you want)  Still, we thought we would wait.  Even though, as Tyler said, "Places with lines can be quite good.  But when they fall, they fall hard."

Some actual facts, as opposed to "facts".

1.  We were told the wait would be 30 minutes.  The actual wait was 50 minutes, and the reason was that "We had to seat a party of 25 ahead of you."  Did you, now?  It was just a fib.

2.  They have stone crab on the menu.  That's the reason I went.  I really like fresh stone crab.  But the waitress said that there was no stone crab.  Even though the menu said they DO have stone crab, until May 15.  This was April 26, mind you.  The reason was that "All we have is frozen, and we don't serve frozen fish!"  Don't you, now?  It was just a fib.

3.  So I ordered the oysters Rockefeller.  $12 for six anemic oysters that had been allowed to get cold.  Tiny little useless lumps.  Given that oysters Rockeller stays hot for a really long time, it required a bit of effort to leave these on the counter instead of serving them.

Okay, three strikes.  However.....

4.  I also ordered the rock shrimp.  The rock shrimp were room remperature, and the drawn butter was room temperature.  But the rock shrimp were so rockin' wonderful it really didn't matter.  Top five seafood dish, all time, even with the problems.  I mean, seriously, fantastic.  Just wonderful. Perfectly cooked.

5.  The LMM had blackened tilapia.  It was also just warmer than room temp, but it was very tasty.  In fact, very VERY tasty according to the LMM.

6.  They serve water, if you ask for it, in a medium size plastic pitcher with a straw.  I suggest that this innovation is AMAZING.  You don't have to keep asking for water, and the ice actually melts so that they are not constantly pouring 2 tablespoons of water on top of pure ice.

Overall, and given that it was Saturday night in a tourist area, I'd say this is a "B."  Not very good, but probably pretty much what it aspires to be.  And my understanding from a FOAF is that the grilled or fried mahi is worth the trip  also.  It's a "fact."

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Gerardo said...

You probably sounded suspicious with all of that "line" talk, so they kept you in the restaurant long enough to search your car.