Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let my people go!

All over the interwebs, people are up in arms about Scottish independence, including a particularly hot take from LeBron this morning:

I wonder what all these people think of American independence?

Irish independence?

Indian independence?

Here is a good rule of thumb. England is a sphincter country. If you get a chance, run, don't walk, away.


Zachary Bartsch said...

Sphincter Country?
As in they hold on too tightly?
In what manner?

Angus said...

Zachary, I am using sphincter as a verb here.

Tom said...

I'm a fan of independence. I'm generally opposed to international borders. It seems you canna have more of the good without also making more of the bad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Confederate independence?

Of course, you may argue that that would have done nothing to reduce the amount of oppression in the world - but it's not obvious that people in Scotland are groaning under the heal of the oppressor in any way.

Anonymous said...

America got their independance and what have they done with it?

looking at the numbers you can objectively say that America is one of the worst places to live in the developed world. America does worse on almost any social outcome that there is a statistic for. You murder each other at a ludicrous rate and sometimes for a $10 DVD player at Best Buy. England may be a sphincter country but its a well maintained sphincter. America is also a sphincter country but is ravaged, mishapen, diseased and almost certainly beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

^ He mad.

Anonymous said...

Confederate independence was an elite movement, not a democratic movement. Blacks surely would have opposed it if given the choice, and many poor whites were against the war as well.