Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Take this job and....

2.  Send him to Dettor's prison!

3.  I'm going to guess that Diana is happy, too, Mike.

4.  These two crazy kids, on the other hand, are cute.  I bet he talks about feelings.  Okay, he can't hear, but you see what I mean.

5.  Okay, as long as it's not fracking...."Streamers" are what they call the flaming birds as they sail toward the ground.


6.  "The Bear," Russia's ambassador to the world.  Well, that and flaming fireballs.

7.  This is just third world corruption, plain and simple.   But then the drug wars have made the U.S. a third world country.

8.  Kraken!

9.  Everything about this, including the picture, is terrifying.   We will protect American interests by preventing Americans from selling property or moving around?  I think she has in mind "Scary Debbie's Interests," and just thinks that that is the SAME as "America's Interests"

10.  This could be a spoof, or literal, or a self-aware person having fun with the media.  No matter what, well-played.

11,  Everything must get bent. But it may not be as easy as it has been portrayed....

12.  Daffodil festival in Nantucket, in April.  A (not) surprising prevalence of red Solo cups.

13.  Why are you littering?

14.  A "new start," indeed.

15.  Pilotless plane.  A better target, a better way to fly missions?

16.  If this is all you know about guns, you probably should not have guns.

17.  Death panelist.  An actual Obama-care death panelist.

18.  Not sure how the LMM would react to this.  But it would be pretty loud, I'm guessing.

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