Friday, October 03, 2014

Legal Horror Stories

Here's two recent ones that really amazed and disgusted me

1. Meth charge dropped after only spaghetti sauce found on spoon

Here's the public defender describing the case: “From what I understand, she was a passenger in a car and had a spoon on her, near her, and I guess the officer, for whatever reason, thought there was some residue,”

I'd give you the cops' version but, "Attempts to obtain the original arrest report from the Gainesville Police were unsuccessful"

Now sure this seems pretty funny, but the woman was in jail for a MONTH AND A HALF! For no other reason that the cop thought she was a meth-head.

2. Before the Law: A boy was accused of taking a backpack. The courts took the next three years of his life.

This kid was accused of stealing someone's backpack. couldn't make bail, wouldn't plead out. 3 YEARS LATER, the charges were dismissed!

3 YEARS, people.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

What a confusing world....

So, in Hong Kong, there are protests FOR democracy.

While in Colorado there are protests AGAINST it.  Interesting that when the left disagrees with the majority, then it's protest time.

How confusing.

(with thanks to Susan L.)

Guest Post from MK: Organic / Local is doing great, and so desperately needs help

It's hard to follow the logic of the author here.  A summary, offered by MK, to get us through:

Highlights: - Organic food is now a $35B business and farmers' markets have grown 76%. 

Therefore, they obviously need $52M in federal cash. With numbers like that they need help.

Vilsack says more organic farmers are needed to revitalize the rural economy.  And the rural economy must be in deep manure, because in February Obama tripled the subsidy to local/organic/pious/yogic food to $291M. Who can live on that? 

Plus, people love it! Some (rich, white) people anyway: "“It’s a really nice bump for us because we’ve been getting chump change for research,” said Mark Kastel, co-founder of the Cornucopia Institute, an organic research and advocacy group. 

Still, Mr. Kastel said that given the growth in the organic business, with about $35 billion in sales in the United States last year, he wished "there was more money to study organic practices."

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Let's get real about ISIS

Some refreshing straight talk about the "axis of death" from the war nerd:

"They’re misogynistic swine, but they’re also really the most overrated, over-hyped bunch of hams this side of WWE. And when more people realize that, IS will lose their best weapon, their terror-propaganda. Without that, they show up as what they are: a mid-size Sunni militia with a knack for child-rape and no skills against anyone who doesn’t fall for their death-metal hype."

The whole article is well worth reading.

Relatedly, Gary Kasparov opines that Putin is more of a threat to the US than is ISIS. I agree, with the addendum that Putin isn't any real kind of threat either.

Hat tip to @noahpinion

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday's Child

1.  Take this job and....

2.  Send him to Dettor's prison!

3.  I'm going to guess that Diana is happy, too, Mike.

4.  These two crazy kids, on the other hand, are cute.  I bet he talks about feelings.  Okay, he can't hear, but you see what I mean.

5.  Okay, as long as it's not fracking...."Streamers" are what they call the flaming birds as they sail toward the ground.