Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grit, Guts, and Vanilla Beans: Godly Masculinity in the Ex-Gay Movement

Okay.  I think this is an actual article, and not a parody.  First of all, "the Ex-Gay Movement"?  What the heck?  But of course I'm just ignorant, and it's a thing.  It may be a good thing, or a not-so-good thing (I'm skeptical), but it's definitely a thing.  A history, though one with a clear perspective.

Anyway, there are apparently distinctions that had not occurred to me:

Grit, Guts, and Vanilla Beans: Godly Masculinity in the Ex-Gay Movement 

Lynne Gerber 
Gender & Society, February 2015, Pages 26-50 

Abstract: Ex-gay ministries, like many evangelical groups, advocate traditional gender ideologies. But their discourses and practices generate masculine ideals that are quite distinct from hegemonic ones. I argue that rather than simply reproducing hegemonic masculinity, ex-gay ministries attempt to realize godly masculinity, an ideal that differs significantly from hegemonic masculinity and is explicitly critical of it. I discuss three aspects of the godly masculine ideal — de-emphasizing heterosexual conquest, inclusive masculinity, and homo-intimacy — that work to subvert hegemonic masculinity and allow ministry members to critique it while still advocating for innate gender distinction and hierarchy. I conclude by arguing that gender theorists need to be more precise in distinguishing conservative religious masculinities from hegemonic ones. 

I had not seen "masculinity" used as a plural before, and certainly not with three different competing adjectives.  I think I'll just go watch some football.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Repeat after me: Kevin Durant is not an all-star, Kevin Durant is not an all-star, Kevin Durant is not.....

Every year, KD goes to the all-star game, kicks ass, and then comes back home exhausted and plays bad (by his standards) for a couple weeks. The Thunder accordingly have a post all-star swoon (by their standards). [I am way too lazy to look this up, but it is based on my experiences and memories as a 6 year Thunder season ticket holder]. Durant hoists a ton of shots over the weekend and then his in game shooting suffers (especially behind the arc) when the season resumes.

Fair enough. He is amazing and it's been a blast going to Thunder games with him on the team.

But this year we can't afford it. The Thunder are 22-20, and sitting outside the playoffs and that's before having to play ATL and CLE on the road this weekend!

KD needs to kick back, rest his foot, and take it easy during the All-star break. Maybe even come down to the Riverwind and play some poker with me, Mark Kaplan, Jim Traber, and Russ!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Angus returns to the NBA

Even though Bill Simmons has severely truncated me and Tyler's hustle, I still get to do some fun economics of sports stuff now and again.

Heres a link to the recording of my lengthy interview on BYU radio. We start at the 24 minute mark of the recording.

I try to explain increasing returns to talent, the median voter theorem, and the difficulties involved in getting people to pay for public goods, all in the context of why top NBA stars are likely underpaid.

I also enjoyed briefly getting to compare the socialist NFL to the much more Darwinian English Premier League.

Thanks to the folks at BYU radio for having me on.

Mere Liberty

C.S. Lewis is a very interesting thinker.

Here's a lecture by David Theroux of Independent Institute on "C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism."

It's pretty long, but you can download it as an MP3 and listen to it as a podcast.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sharing and Dating

"What's your price?" is a dating site, sort of.  You decide what it is.

I wonder if the name comes from this famous (and apocryphal) anecdote.   I have heard Churchill, but I think "Lord Beaverbrook" is my new favorite source for something that the source never said. 

How different from paying for dinner, the show, and maybe some jewelry?  Yes, actually, it is.

When Owls Attack!

Angus has pointed out the owl scourge that threatens America before.

Now, a new attack.  Guy thought it was an enormous bat.

Why do we even have a government, if owls are allowed to attack innocent people like this?

Tale o'the tape.  GH Owls can weigh more than 5 pounds.  That's a big bird.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Congrats to Andreas P!

          They hatin'............

Book Prize Winner: 2 million!

The WINNER of the faaaaabulous prize is Andreas P, from Alexandria, VA!

He'll be receiving a copy of each of the following two books:


2.  Munger and Munger CHOOSING IN GROUPS

Thanks to everyone who entered!