Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Took my sons over to the house of fellow prof.

Drove the coche de Grease. A 2001 Lincoln town car, black as sin and shiny as expensive sin. About 24 feet long. This is not a car that liberals would drive. They would feel bad just riding in it. (Before you say anything, it gets 22-23 mpg, highway).

Pulled up to a sandwich shop in Chapel Hill. Walked past some nut-hugger, who muttered something about gasoline.

Inside the shop, we ordered lots of sandwiches, enough to feed the party we were going to. All with lots of meat. (There is a Chapel Hill ordinance that says "Meat is murder", by the way. And fish have feelings, in spite of what Nirvana said.)

Nut-hugger comes inside, orders a veggie sandwich. Glares at us. She is wearing a black felt hat, black jeans, black Birkenstocks, and a sort of black sweatshirt. Pretty clearly not one of my people. But she sneezes, loudly, and without thinking I said, "Bless you!"

Might as well have smacked her. Driving a Lincoln, eating meat....she already knew I was a bad guy. But language that could be interpreted as religious? That's where she drew the line. She shouts, "I guess I am just allergic to SOME people!"

After that, I had to kill myself. The approval of that sort of person....K. Grease can't live without it. So this is posted from Hell, my new home. And you will all live there, too unless the Democrats stop choosing candidates who win Chapel Hill by a lot, and lose North Carolina by more.


Anonymous said...

ouch! maybe it was a first year graduate student in disguise?

Anonymous said...
At least you drove, I feel sorry for the women that had to fly. I don't know what I would do if I saw that happening to a woman I know. I'd probably wind up in prison for committing a terrorist act by punching the airport screener after I take out the guy leering from behind. The government does a better job of taking away American's personal liberties, small freedoms, and individual dignity better than any terrorist group I've ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

Another possibility: it could have been the hair - not the car.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have told her you're an oppressed (in soooo many ways) former CH prof. And you used to give out all "A"s.

Anonymous said...

You call that a car Thats not a car! This is a car. 1976 Lincoln Town Coupe. Just shy of 26 feet long, over 3 tons and a 460ci V8. Not even close to 20mpg but, man, what a ride.

T. Hunt