Friday, November 12, 2004

Control Freaks

Remember the words from "The Wall"?

The Happiest Days of our Lives (Waters) 1:20

When we grew up and went to school
There were certain teachers who would
Hurt the children in any way they could

"OOF!" [someone being hit]

By pouring their derision
Upon anything we did
And exposing every weakness
However carefully hidden by the kids
But in the town, it was well known
When they got home at night, their fat and
Psychopathic wives would thrash them
Within inches of their lives.

Some bricks:

1. This girl has got to stop exercising during recess.
2. Our excellent immigration system.
3. Pinata girl tries to get through our immigration system.
4. Michael Jackson, complaining about Eminem's video, says about children: "I love them so much!" I bet. And, so often, too.
5. Stupid dirty education secretary
6. I carried a pocket knife in grade school. Who knew I was a criminal?

On the other hand, it could be worse: this brick for brains could be in charge.