Thursday, November 04, 2004

Southern Strategy

I forgot I wrote this, about how the South would be one tough nut to crack for Kerry.

I also predicted, in February, that Edwards would be the VP candidate.

Wish I could be wrong sometimes. It's a curse, you know.


Anonymous said...

Truly, Mungowitz is never wrong. From the link above:

"Democratic presidential candidates can count on three states for sure: California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York."


Anonymous said...

You were wrong about about Kerry winning. And the funny thing is that your own research points to why Kerry lost. A lot of policy pronouncments with a lack of conviction just does not gain the trust and support of the American voter. Saying "I have a plan" does not make voters believe in you or your plan -- many voters probably had no idea of how Kerry's plan would make their own lives better.

For more, listen to Robert Reich's commentary on Marketplace (