Saturday, May 03, 2008

Who are bigger hypocrites than us?

Global warming, oil imported from terror-supporting countries, food shortages and rising food prices. All of which we profess to be against or trying to remedy. Yet we continue to place a $.54 per gallon tariff on Brazilian ethanol made from sugar cane to "protect" our corn based ethanol even though (1) Brazil is our friend and (2) sugar based ethanol is way more efficiently produced in Brazil than what we can do with corn here. Yet we continue to cynically and despicably talk on the side of the angels but act on the side of evil. Some of our presidential candidates are also cynically proposing a gas tax holiday to help with high prices (or to help avoid reality in an election year?)

In our government, lying and pandering are in our so commonplace that I don't think anyone in Washington really gives any of this a second thought. The only way I see to change this mess to (1) have national primaries (2) abolish the Senate.


Tom said...

Who's this "we", Kemosabe? I catch the context (belatedly), but I'd already started composing my angry retort. (sigh)

I'd rather abolish the House. In the Senate, a filibuster can often derail bad law. (Just this week, a filibuster killed another sue-your-employer act.) I don't see how national primaries would help. Could I interest you in Instant Runoff Voting?

Angus said...

If there were national primaries, our energy policy would be held hostage to a wider variety of interests than just Iowa farmers.

Anonymous said...

Preach it Rev. Angus!

I don't buy your remedies but your diagnosis is spot on.

Justin M Ross said...

Europe is a bigger hypocrite, especially on the global warming front but definitely on the economic front as well.