Thursday, May 01, 2008

WWAD? Would he cheat on an Ethics Test?

Two Southern Illinois University professors have settled a lawsuit they filed after the state said they flunked a mandatory online ethics test because they finished too quickly.
Marvin Zeman and Walter Wallis will both get credit for completing the test they took in 2006. The state Office of Inspector General invalidated their test results, saying the two did not spend enough time on the ethics material.
“I’ve taken this test now three or four times. It was only (in 2006) that there was this nonsense of a time limit,” said Zeman who is president of the faculty association at SIU in Carbondale.
State employees are required to take an annual ethics test that consists of reading
material followed by a series of questions. There are 80-90 computer screen pages of material to review.

Now, what would Angus do, if he were told he had cheated on an ethics test?


(nod to Mr. Overwater)


Anonymous said...

I think the state should have commended the professors. They were able to read and without hesitation select the appropriate course of action (right answer according to the test) and answer accordingly. No mental anguish or time wasted on choosing the right course of action based on the question presented.

Bil Thomas

Anonymous said...

I think that Angus would have two neat 9 mm holes in the monitor.

Anonymous said...

So, Jimenez reading speed of 40 minutes is the de facto standard? Isn't that dumbing down?