Sunday, June 29, 2008

Actually, I no longer think this is very funny

Ryan Teague Beckwith, a fine guy who has treated the Libertarians perfectly fairly, is finding all this a little too funny, I think.

Check this.

Now, my response can be found here. And I'm not laughing. I am pretty angry. This is just not right.

UPDATE: Ryan noted I had misspelled his name. My apologies. I'm waiting for my apology from the state, for violating the stated will of more than 100,000 NC citizens for Libertarian registration to be an option.


Josh said...

You receive my sympathy :( What a frustrating situation.

Peter Orvetti said...

When I lived in N.C. briefly a decade ago, Libertarian registration was permitted. I do not recall the Apocalypse having been provoked by it.

Tom said...

Waiting for an apology from the state...??!!!

Now that is funny.