Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Music Alert

People!! Four great bands have just put out new releases!

1. Wolf Parade: "At Mount Zoomer". If you don't have all work by Wolf Parade and co-frontman Spencer Krug's other band Sunset Rubdown, you should get them posthaste. While this new effort is not as immediately appealing as WP's previous release "Apologies to the Queen Mary", it is a clear winner.

2. The Notwist: "The Devil, You + Me". I am a huge Notwist fan. "Shrink" and "Neon Golden" are landmark recordings. This new one is on first listens, very good indeed.

3. Silver Jews: "Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea". I don't think this is as good as their classic, "American Water", but David Berman is always worth listening to.

4. Bonnie Prince Billy: "Lie Down in the Light". Will Oldham's masterpiece is "I See a Darkness". I think his new album is the best thing he's done since then which is saying something considerable.