Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wow: Chilipunk'd for SURE

The candidates from the "major" parties have organized their own private election, with just two people invited: Bev Purdue and Pat McCrory. Five debates, only two candidates will be allowed.

Here's the strange thing: It's really hard to get on the ballot in North Carolina. The Libertarians did what the state required. It wasn't easy, but we did it.

Why doesn't that translate into being included in the debate? Why do the state-sponsored parties get away with this? It's because you, the voters, are indifferent.

It's not the media; you can't blame them. Having me in the debate is MUCH more interesting, and would improve ratings. You can count on the media actually preferring that I be included.

But I'm not. Because the Dems and Repubs don't want even a whiff of competition to affect their cozy cartel.

Where's the outrage?


Rolo said...

I give mean glares to the Dems & Republicans who campaign in front of the Metro stations here in Virginia. Does that count?

Michael said...

Perfect, Rolo!

Now, give it a little extra:

1. Mean glare
2. Shake head slowly
3. Make "tut, tut!" sound.

THAT will show them.

mdesus said...

I allegedly use drugs on the mall all the time. This would, if true, really show them. It's my country too!!! or just show that the alleged is really silly and immensely stupid.

br said...

How is it not the media? Do they not control their own programming?

arwen said...

So... if the squeeeky wheeel gets the greeeese then who's in charge of melting down bear fat, whale lard, etc? You're suggesting that the media doesn't have a say in this, but they might be interested in broadcasting squeaks. Is this an entirely Elephantine/Asinine event that simply froze out the Penguin, or do the networks who are broadcasting responsible? (and for that matter, aren't the networks required to provide equal promotional time to all parties or some such? Does that apply to debates?)

alan said...

Apathy, its whats for dinner.

Tom said...

I believe arwen is technically correct. Giving air time to some candidates and not others is an "in kind" donation to the selected campaigns. If you file a formal complaint, election officials will definitely consider your complaint for six months or so.