Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is Micheal Beasley really a "clown" and if so does it matter?

Adrian Wojnarowski, via an anonymous "respected NBA source" throws Micheal Beasley WAY underneath the bus on the morning of draft day.

“He’s almost always talking, and almost never on time,” the respected basketball official said. “If he’s on time, he’ll be the last one to show up. And he’s always got a question. He’ll ask a lot of questions because he wants people to think he’s paying attention – because he’s not paying attention.

“He’s not a bad kid, but I do think he makes similar decisions as bad ones do. He isn’t malicious, or even disrespectful, but he makes the dumb decisions that bad people make.”

Beasley is the best talent in the draft. There isn’t a close second. Whatever people want to say about Memphis point guard Derrick Rose, he won’t win the honor of the No. 1 pick in Thursday night’s draft as much as Beasley will blow it. Beasley is a long, 6-foot-8½ , responsible for a surreal 26.2 points and 12.4 rebounds as a Kansas State freshman, and he still hasn’t made a convincing case to Chicago and Miami.

Beasley has done little to change minds in his meetings with the two teams. For everything his AAU coach and agent did to carefully control his college environment, his path to the pros, they’ve struggled to polish Beasley’s image. There were six high schools and relentlessly foolish stunts and an attitude of indifference and clownery everywhere but the basketball court. After months of probing him, Beasley was strangely amused by what the Bulls and Heat officials were most interested in discovering about him.

In my opinion, the only crazy thing would be not drafting him. He is a monster on the court and that is what matters, right? I actually hope he doesn't go to the Heat, because that franchise is stuck in self destruct mode. If Beasley by some miracle falls to 4th, I would be one happy happy okie!


Anonymous said...

Beasley is a talent, but he's a "loser." He'll put up 20 and 10 and play little defense and pout when he doesn't have his number called. A lot like Carmelo Anthony, Glenn Robinson, Joe Barry Carroll, and a host of other suprmeley talented players who will bring down your team. At the end of the night, his biggest question won't be "did we win?" but rather "did I get mine?"

Angus said...

anon: I don't see how you can know this from his college record. if it's true with p=.5, it's still well worth drafting him. also, while I am not a big 'melo fan, he's quite a bit better than joe barry carroll!

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Joe Barry Carroll's stats sometime. Yes, he was a dog, but he filled up the stat sheet. Somebody like Eddie Curry can only dream of being as productive as Carroll.

You ask "how do you know this?" I don't. Just as you don't know that it is in fact "crazy" to skip over Beasley at #2. We're both making an argument/projection. Based on my observation of Beasley makeup -- yes, anecdotal, but so what? -- I don't think he's a winner.

Anonymous said...

excuse me u hope he goes to 4th he won't go to third or he didnt go to third you know why becuase patty boy in miami know if he pass on mikey boy that everytime they play against him he'll drop 30 on them

Angus said...

Yeah, Riles came to his senses and did the smart (and safe) thing drafting Beasley at #2. Miami is actually kind of a bad fit for Beasley as is, maybe they can move "the matrix" for a PG?