Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Step in the Right Direction: Bob Barr is MY Guy for Prez

Since Angus and I have in the past disagreed about John McCain, perhaps it is not surprising that we also disagree about Bob Barr. (I should note that Angus really only claims that McCain is easily the best of the available candidates, not some kind of ideal.)

I have discussed this a bit elsewhere, as some have noticed.

But, in regards to Angus' questions (which, I should note, are perfectly fair questions):

1. Ron Paul has said he would have supported the Defense of Marriage Act, for the same federalism reasons as Bob Barr. And, I have heard Bob's discussion of this at the LP Convention, AND have talked to him about it at length in private. It is quite clear to me that he wants the federal government out of the "regulation of marriage" business, and that is at least a step in the right direction; it's a libertarian position. If some folks think it isn't libertarian ENOUGH, they are entitled to their views. But many of those folks aren't registered to vote, and don't consider the Libertarian Party to be anything important anyway.

2. As for the immigration/English only question, it is fair to say that the LP is divided on this issue. LOTS of libertarians, and some Libertarians (big L), agree with the idea that we need to control immigration. It happens that I would be for open borders as an ideal, and anything closer to that as a policy direction. But I get LOTS of argument about this, from voters. In fact, a lot of voters who would otherwise support me tell me they CAN'T, because of my stance on immigration. So, while Barr's view is different from mine, there are LOTS of Libertarians who agree, and it is a clear vote winner.

Look, the most the Libertarian Party has ever gotten was 1.1%, in 1980. And, as I have said before, I clearly remember that Angus CLAIMED to have voted for Ed Clark that year, though of course it may have been a jest. If in fact the Libertarians got 5% this year, that would make a HUGE difference in many ways, at every level.

Bob Barr is my man. I have already contributed twice, and plan to max out my contributions, up to the limit prescribed by law.

For more details on Bob's position, and whether a check of the record says he's a Libertarian, check this very fine post.


Angus said...

Actually I only claim McCain is the best choice given an expected Democrat majority in both houses. If there was going to be a Republican majority in Congress, I'd be rooting for Obama.

I don't go for people, just for gridlock.

If Bob Barr is a Libertarian, then the word has no meaning whatsoever.

prison rodeo said...

From the Monkey Cage:

"P.S. I know of no evidence that Bob Barr is left-handed, but it really doesn’t matter."

Oh, snap!

Tom said...

Barr got my vote (at the LP convention) by admitting that the Defense of Marriage act had flaws and pledging to work to correct them. I think the whole thing is a mistake, but getting even a partial apology on national TV from a politician is a big deal.

I already knew that he supported the PATRIOT act only in order to get some sunset provisions into a bill that was going to pass anyway. I probably would not have done it, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

As for English being Official, its worth depends on the details. I'm against having every government document printed in every language with even one speaker in the U.S. Likewise, I'm against litigation against businesses that don't accomodate every known language.

Barr's position on open borders versus Protecting Our Borders is confused and weak. ...but everybody gets to make one mistake.

Barr is Libertarian Enough for Now.

Anonymous said...

"Actually I only claim McCain is the best choice given an expected Democrat majority in both houses."

Why would you not say 'Democratic majority?'

Fundman said...

Isn't it nice to have a Prez candidate who's record as a SITTING MEMBER OF CONGRESS is being debated rather than his perceived level of insanity? The guy's not perfect, but welcome to the real world fellow LP supporters. If you want to continue to argue about how many nuclear aircraft carriers you can own under the Constitution go right ahead.

Tom said...

Fundman will allow me to "continue to argue about how many nuclear aircraft carriers you can own under the Constitution..."

That's so unfair. I never wanted more than the standard four, anyway.

Agree it's great for our Prez candidate to talk about stuff that a majority don't immediately roll their eyes at.

Fundman said...

Tom, as long as I get to fly planes from one of them, you can go right ahead.

I agree, and it's also great to have a candidate that some people have actually heard of!

Anonymous said...

You are for Barr? Are you truly a libertarian, or a closet Republican?

br said...

Barr will be on Fox News Sunday this weekend. Let's see what he has to say.

Tom said...

I've been reading DC v. Heller. The word "arms" is reasonably defined as "any thing that a man wears for his defence, or takes into his hands, or useth in wrath to cast at or strike another." Now I'm worried: can I use my nuclear aircraft carrier to "strike another"? Not sure. (It's too bad that women don't count, at all.)

Anonymous said...

My question is; is Bob Barr right or left handed? I'm not sure why my husband wants to know but he does.