Monday, July 14, 2008

Banality, thy name is WALL-E

Wow, what a crappy movie. I just kept looking at the clock and wondering if the running time of the film included the cartoon short (which was way better than the movie) and when I could get out of there. It wasn't quite "Antonement" unwatchable, but it was boring, preachy and PC.

America is Walmart. Walmart is bad. Fat people suck. ok ok I get it. Can I see the rabbit electrocute the magician because he won't feed him again?

is about the same stuff only 1,000 times better. Chunks of WALL-E actually seemed to have been lifted from Mike Judge.

Tyler Cowen cost me 2 hours out of my life and I WANT THE TIME BACK, BRO!!!


Anonymous said...

Tyler's just going to say, "You should have walked out & used the time to see another film."

Juris Naturalist said...

Anonymous is right. You should have walked out and watched snippets of all the other movies playing to see which one was worth seeing.

Mark said...

I agree that it was preachy, uninformed, and leaning strong to the left. However, if you can block out the crap about "Buy-N-Large" corporation, the love story between the two robots was pretty cute.

I do have to mention that my nephews (age 9 twins), whom I brought to the movie, didn't have a clue about the movie's theme, but they did remember the name "Buy-N-Large". It's never too early to begin the indoctrination.

Michael said...

Dude! So, so bad.

Not just the BuyNLarge theme. I just didn't buy the love story.

The premise was actually kind of cool: One robot left, after 700 years. It has achieved self-awareness. But it continues blindly to pusure its directive: Pile up trash. The piles are now bigger than buildings.

Ditto with space ship: "Directive" has taken over for thought, people are blinded by made up world, almost as invisible as in "The Matrix."

But that premise was NOT done justice by the screenplay. It just sucked.

On the other hand: the magician and the rabbit intro....Extremely fine.

So, as usual, Angus is correct in every claim.

patrick said...

Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit"... minus the cheesy 80's style of course

Ned said...

I saw Buy N Large as our current fascist government and when the people returned to live a life of peaceful anarchy, everything got better. I don't know whether or not that was the intended message - Disney doesn't strike me as a particularly anti-state.

Steve said...

I gotta strongly disagree with your interpretation of the movie Angus. Yes it was lefty friendly and pro-enviroment, but I think the real message of the film was about the importance of free thinking. They're are clear similarites with Brave New World, 1984, and the classic Allegory of the Cave to be found in Wall e. The people in the movie are totally dependent on an all powerful nanny state. Choice is non-existent except at the most superficial levels. I would have thought that the dangers of such an existance is the type of message any open minded conservative or libertarian would embrace.

Krazy Rabbit Studios said...

The 'but'n'large idea was kinda crappy but apart from that it was exelent!