Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love those Crazy, Musical Clowns

Update from Potato Festival in Munger, Michigan

Crazy, musical clowns join the mix in Munger

Members of the Scottville Clown Band, who will not only march in Sunday's 1 p.m. parade but also perform in the entertainment tent later in the day, are newcomers to the Munger spud fest.

Munger Potato Festival Chairman Don Smrecak has been inviting the band of clowns to perform at the festival for years but, due to scheduling conflicts, it never worked out.

"We're finally going to see our way clear to take them up on their offer," said Charlie Weber, secretary for the Clown Band.

Weber, who has performed with the band for 21 years, said the Scottville-based group plays a lot of John Philip Sousa marches, some novelty tunes, some show tunes and some polkas, with a few surprises mixed in.

The band's roster includes more than 200 members, most of whom hail from Michigan, but there are some who live in other states like Ohio, Illinois, Texas and California.

Just who and how many members of the band will show up in Munger this weekend is anyone's guess.

"We never know who's going to show up. ... The guys just show up," Weber said. "We usually have about 40 guys on average for a performance."

Weber, who plays trombone with the band, said he has developed a new costume this year. A financial advisor with Edward Jones, Weber will be dressed as a brown bull with horns on his cap.

Angus is in Grand Rapids. He should drive over. I know that I would hate to miss Crazy, Musical Clowns, particularly when they are so hard to schedule.

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br said...

I'm terribly irritated by the comma. Does it mean their first name is musical and their last name is crazy? Will they be accompanied by the "naughty, little devils"? Or would it be "little, naughty devils"? Or does it simply mean "[I know this is] crazy, [but get ready, because] musical clowns [are] join[ing] the mix in Munger"