Sunday, July 06, 2008

We gotta call our NBA team the "Noodlers"!!

From the Sunday Oklahoman:

I think a noodler should have been on our state quarter.

Thanks to the now legendary "Okie Noodling” film and the tournament it spawned, noodling for flathead catfish is part of the Oklahoma lore as much as cowboys and Indians, the Dust Bowl and football.

A reader of The Oklahoman recently suggested that the newspaper stop using the word "kin” in stories and instead use "relatives.” The word "kin,” he said, created a perception of backward country folk and made people think of banjos and "Deliverance.”

I can't imagine what this guy must think of noodling.

And here's the quote of the week:

Mark Murray, 36, a game warden in Oklahoma County, has been a noodler for almost 20 years.

"When a big fish grabs you, it doesn't matter how many times it's happened to you in your life, it's a huge adrenalin rush when a fish bites your hand,” he said. "It never gets old.

I can't help thinking that in actuality, for me at least, it would get real old real fast.


br said...

These are the people you're responsible for teaching Economics. I'd recommend working Noodling into the curriculum.

"Welcome to ECON101! Economics is a lot like Noodling, and I bet you've got an inelastic demand for finding a hole thats got lots of big cats."

Anonymous said...

Isn't noodling actually illegal?

Speedmaster said...

Did you know there's a U.S.-made brand of fountain pen ink called Noodler's ink? I use it often and love it. ;-)