Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hancock: a metaphor for America?

not so super superhero Hancock causes massive collateral damage when he saves the day, is crude and unlikeable, and picks on French kids. So of course he's meant to represent the USA, or so says Kyle Smith in a very fun review of the movie (full disclosure: I have not seen it and don't plan to at this point). Here's an excerpt:

Not for nothing does Hancock share his name with one of the fiercest patriots in American history; the movie also takes pain to establish the eagle (a frequently seen image) as Hancock’s symbol, even at the beginning when it’s merely a patch on his ratty ski cap. “I’m the only one of my kind,” Hancock complains, by virtue of explaining his difficulties as the world’s only superpower. He has trouble getting along with others.

So I wonder does that make Jason Bateman a metaphor for Karl Rove?


Erich said...

This write-up reminds me very much of Team America: World Police.

While I enjoyed Team America, I have no intention of seeing Hancock unless further comments persuade me otherwise.

br said...

I highly recommend the indie movie Outsourced. Good for econ geeks on a date. You can only buy the DVD at until September.

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