Friday, July 25, 2008

A Caricature: The Reason Men Need Wives

So, I was very pleased that the News and Observer in Raleigh
took the final full step to include me as a candidate: A caricature
of the "Under the Dome" form.

Here it is:

My wife, looking over my shoulder: "That's awful. Looks just like you, though!"

She is dedicated to keeping me real. And I am much the realer for it.

Oh, by the way, an actual USE of the caricature, announcing that...yes....I've been invited to the final state-wide debate. October 15. Get your popcorn for that evening.

I have to sound a word of caution, though. I am not convinced that Bev Perdue will show for that debate, now that I am invited. Too many imponderables, and hard to control. So, stay tuned: I'm predicting a "schedule conflict."


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting included. i hope it gets on the internet right quick. tof.

Speedmaster said...

I love it! ;-)

will.welch said...

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe?