Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Classroom Chaos, or Angus at the motor pool

Tuesday was the first day of classes for Mrs. Angus and I. Usually I get assigned one of the two classrooms in our building, and if I don't I just commandeer the conference room for my class. This year though, our conference room is being "renovated" which so far has consisted of taking down the blackboard and white board and removing the chairs, thus rendering the room unusable. Ouch. So when I checked to see where I was scheduled to teach and saw it was the Armory, I was confused and somewhat worried.

When I arrived on the scene, holy crap! It was crazier than I'd expected. It really was an Armory (I'd never seen or heard tell of this building before in my 9 years as a Sooner)!! The double wide doors were wide open, people in fatigues were running around outside, there was a motor pool of Khaki vehicles in the back of the first floor. The classrooms were upstairs and the first thing I noticed was the lack of air conditioning (it was around 93 here yesterday). The second thing I noticed was that it was 11:57 and my room was still in use (the previous class should have ended at 11:45). So I stepped into the room. Immediately some desert storm looking dude behind a lectern barked out "Stand down a minute mister!!".


I cracked up laughing and backed out of the room, and called our department administrator. She got me an alternative room in the library that was closer to my office by around 50%, air conditioned, and empty! When all my students had arrived on the scene and we started to emigrate to the library it was 1:10 and the desert storm dude was still going strong in my erstwhile classroom.

So big ups to Tami K for saving the day and a warning to all terrorists: if you plan to invade OU, we're ready for you!!


Shawn said...

more, more, I need more. And video. should put that quote somewhere prominent.

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