Saturday, August 16, 2008

It must have been moonglow....

So, one debate coach accuses another of racism. The logical response? Moon a roomful of students. The video shows it all, or most of it.

The Provost's reaction?

"We're sure that there's probably some facts and information that's just not available. I mean, you see a lot on the video, but we need to make sure everything is revealed before we take any action," said Gould.

Did he really say that? EVERYTHING revealed? Now, THAT is one aggressive Provost! "Shake for me, boy, I want to be your backdoor man..."

(Nod to KL)

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Speedmaster said...

I'm ashamed to admit I watched the entire video. ;-)

We already know that public/govt. primary and secondary education in the U.S. is a complete disaster. Is higher education far behind? I didn't catch any of the actual arguments being made, just the mooning and shouting. I think the guy lost any shred of credibility once he 'dropped trou.'