Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Point for Ryan

A point for Ryan, I have to admit.

I was fussin' about being left out of the "nicknames" article, which looked at the evolution of names for my opponents.

In particular, I noted that I was willing to use "Mike" as a way of shortening my name, if it meant that I could be included in even the last line of articles. I don't need equal time, but (as Glenn Close put it in "Fatal Attraction" )"I won't be IGNORED."

Ryan Teague Beckwith responded, in an email, that I was obviously confused. The story was about HOW MANY nicknames candidates had. And, since I had sent him my email from an account that identified the sender as "Mungowitz," it brought me up short. The story would have to be pretty long.

He's right. A partial nickname list for me would include:

To my family: "Mikey"
High school: "Mole" (Dutch Boy and Bayou Jack, can I hear an amen, in comments?)
College: "Mungey"
Grad school: "'I'm Really Good at Putt-Putt' Boy"
Austin, TX (at UT): Grease (The original Killer Grease Mungowitz lives in Austin)
Duke: El Jefe / Killer Grease Mungowitz

Now, sure, I go by "Mike," though my wife calls my "Michael" when she's in a good mood.

If you asked me what I would LIKE to be called? "Governor."


Zach said...

Mole it was, in high school. Nobody recalls why though. It wasn't as if he had any extra special tunneling skills or anything.

(On another note, I don't know why it says "zach says", on this comment thing. My son must have sabotaged my computer)

-Bayou Jack

Angus said...

LOL, you had better nicknames than that in grad school Mungowitz! You want me to call up the paper and give them a sampling?

Anonymous said...

What about "el jefe"...or was that just my pet name for you

Tommy the Englishman

m.martin said...

Mole it was in high-school and, like Bayou Jack (aka a 'Mr. Zach Says')I haven't a clue as to why and because Mole and I spent most of our time on the baseball team listing out the reasons why we'd never see an inning of play, I never bothered to ask. I figured one of the rednecks at school had dug up some wild rumour of some sort and tagged 'Mike' with 'Mole.' Governor though fits Mole much better.
Dutch Boy

Anonymous said...

Wow -
"'I'm Really Good at Putt-Putt' Boy" is what I'm called in grad school too.
-William E.