Saturday, August 09, 2008

An Improv Moment

Last night, my older son's wonderful girlfriend (and, she IS wonderful) was over after they had watched a movie out.

She was describing the situation of a friend: "It's so sad. My friend has the saddest dog in the world. She's 16 years old, she's blind and deaf, and she has seizures."

ME: "No wonder her dog is sad."

Now, most people would not find this funny. Certainly NO ONE else in the room at the time found it funny.

But I did. It strikes me, as it often does, that I may not be all that easy to be around. Thanks, people, for putting up with....whatever that is.


Tom said...

I get it. Mungowitz viewed the friend as a Person -- with whom one can joke, for one thing. Everybody else viewed the friend as (mainly) an object of pity.

If you were handicapped, which way would you want to be treated?

Chris Lawrence said...

Antecedent reference ambiguity = comedy gold!

I laughed.