Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Joke That Didn't Make Air....

So, I was driving over to do the radio show this morning, the "Shadow Debate," where I got to answer Bev and Pat after the fact, on a radio show that people actually listen to (mp3 of hour long radio show here).

And I came up with a joke. My good friend RT Beckwith claims I am "best known" for my comical send-ups of my hapless opponents. ("Yes, it's true....This man has no no hap."*)

But I chickened out, and didn't use the joke. Seemed a bit abrasive, for a candidate on a radio show. A blog....that's different. It's not serious. Here's the joke:

George Bush claims that he looked into the eyes of Vladdy Putin, and saw his soul.

Now there's a rumor that George Bush looked into Bev Perdue's EAR. You know what he saw?


Major props to Brad and Britt. I hope it was good radio. Neanderbill liked can that be bad?

(*If you said, "Ghostbusters," you win)


Anonymous said...

It's an old joke, to be sure, but always makes me laugh. This application is no different. Too bad they don't let you in to the actual debates.

Seriously, though, that should be the headline in your next campaign mail-out.

Tom said...

As a dedicated Munger-booster, I have to be glad Mike did not use that one on the air (I'm imagining Perdue's reaction: "truth..." Ah, nevermind) We need to help Mike be prepared with jabs at both of the state sponsored candidates.