Monday, December 13, 2010

Appalling American Propadanda Video, With Donald Duck

I laughed at first, but it becomes increasingly racist and disturbing. Still, an interesting piece of history...Donald Duck? Really? Plus, the song is catchy. But then so is syphillis.

(Nod to Dutch Boy)


Barry said...

Err, am I just deeply insensitive to racism? Apart from the images of Hiro Hito, at the beginning, which could be considered to be linked to anti-Japanese racism I only saw justified political insults of the Nazi system. It ends with some flag waving American patriotism , but where's the harm in that, certainly in the context of suggesting to Americans that they had something better than Nazi totalitarianism? Oddly enough, though I posted a couple of irritable comments a while back suggesting the blog was going a bit too far in mocking Europeans as degenerate socialists, I see nothing wrong with the kind of American patriotism promoted in the cartoon.

Mungowitz said...

jeez, B! there's just no pleasing some folks!

Anonymous said...

You might note that it's from 1943 - maybe you didn't notice world war two ( I hear it was in all the papers). I don't see racism, but anti-japanese and anti-nazi caricture which would be appropriate for the time period. The ersatz bread and slave labor were interesting touches.