Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Grand Game: Poinsettias

The Grand Game, Xmas plant edition.

Here is the article. The internal bookmarks aren't set up right, so go here, and then go forward to pages (page 14, mnscrpt page 12) to the article on poinsettias.

The economic argument in the paper made me want to know more about Dr. Godfrey Ejimakor. If you share that want, go here.

Now, perhaps there are disagreements in Ag Econ I don't know about. But is the history of grower marketing agreements in Africa and here in the U.S. really so attractive?


Angus said...

This is golden:

"one way to boost production, he dis-
covered, could be through poinsettia grower marketing agreements, whereby growers would come together and agree to collectively cap production"

Anonymous said...

This sounds like price gouging to me. I think the government should step in and cap poinsettia prices at no more than 10% over the six month average. One man’s holiday is another man’s emergency.

Actually, I think a better "grand game" would be... Poinsettias: three syllables or four?