Friday, December 17, 2010

The bane of my existence

It's not the Fed, or my tax bill, or the lack of a local Whole Foods, it's grading. And right now, it's the grading time of the year.

This person definitely gets it in their post, "The 5 stages of grading".

An excerpt:

"Bargaining. This stage usually begins as an earnest attempt to buckle down and grade. The instructor might say, “If I grade five papers, I can watch one episode of House,” or, “For every page I grade, I get to eat a piece of candy.” This process starts well, but as the instructor progresses the amount of work required to achieve the reward generally becomes smaller and smaller..."

You'll have to excuse me now, grades are due in on Monday so I'm off to buy a big bag of Reese's cups!


John Thacker said...

the lack of a local Whole Foods

What, the one on Broad Street next to East Campus isn't close enough for you?

Angus said...

It was great the year I lived in Durham on my sabbatical, but now it' a 20 hour drive from Norman OK.

Anonymous said...

Oh the tough life of a professor. lol

John Thacker said...

Doh, silly me not paying attention that it was Angus posting. My apologies.