Thursday, July 12, 2012


So, the guy needs to "serve" a code violation notice.  The woman's grass is "too long."  (Okay, that's pretty disturbing right there.  Here GRASS is too long?  Good Lord.)

He knocks.  Probably loudly.  He's REALLY fat, so he should be able to do some good knocking.

No answer.  So, because this summons is SO IMPORTANT, he goes into the house.  Walks into the woman's bedroom (she lives alone).  Announces his purpose.

Here is the video:

I have so many questions. (Below the fold)

1.  This woman has security cameras at the front door, and the hallway, but does not LOCK the exterior doors?  I would think the order of security concern would be (a) lock doors; (b) if you are really worried, get security cameras.

2.  The guy goes into the house?  Really?  He's not already fired?

3.  What would have happened if the woman had had a gun?  I'm afraid at our house it would have gone badly for the guy.  If I were awakened by a strange man in the doorway shouting at me....Not sure I would have been quick thinking enough to process the information that he was from the government, not wearing a uniform, and had entered my house because he represented the collective outrage over my lawn.  And, yes, I admit that's a problem for ME.  With two sons, there are often strange people in our house (such as, for example, our two sons!).  The chances of an accidental shooting are likely to be worse than the chances of a home invasion.

Of course, that would require that the woman had a loaded gun, and two security cameras, AND had forgotten to lock her door.  The code enforcer guy may have figured that if you are the sort who doesn't lock the door, you won't have a gun.  Out in the country, I would NOT want to bet that that's true.

(With a nod to Angry Alex)


Jim said...

How they bend over backwards to sugar-coat this!

"Erica feels her privacy may have been violated."

How about

"Erica is furious that the sanctity of her home WAS violated, and reminds Vowell that it's only dumb luck he didn't get his rib cage opened up with a 12-gauge. She has filed two lawsuits: one against the city for $10 million, and one against Vowell to force him to shorten her grass by getting down on all fours and grazing."

A guy can daydream.

Eric said...

I have a question. Was the guy's name Jimmy Bowel? Bowel? "Jimmy Bowel will scare the mess out of you." Yes. Yes he will.

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