Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gary Johnson

Went over to Charlotte with the EYM for some campaigning with Gary Johnson, ex-Gov of NM and now LP candidate for President.

Gary is a genuinely great guy.  We started out with the fun run (the (not) exciting start is in the video above, complete with police protection!).  It was supposed to be 5k, and that would have been nice, since it was unbelievably humid.  But for some reason the marked course was about 6.1k, and there were some tongues hanging out.  Really fun, though.  The EYM was way ahead of me, not surprisingly.

Then a luncheon, which was packed.  Lots of people, lots of excitement.

Then an anti-war rally.  Interesting collection of people.  Gary's speech was terrific, short, on-point, well received.

Later, at the cocktail party, I got a photo of Gov. Johnson and the EYM.

Then, the speech.  A very nice crowd.  All the speeches were good; Barbara Howe did a good job, also. 

Gary Johnson is the best Presidential candidate I have seen in my lifetime, in terms of issues and experience.


Zachary said...

I'm new around here. Who is EYM and What does EYM mean?

Tom said...

Zachary, EYM is Elder Younger Munger, Mungowitz's first born.

Tom said...

I was there and confirm Mungowitz's view that it was a great day and a full day for Libertarians in and around Charlotte. One other thing: the Emcee for the evening event did a great job too, combining humor and earnest fund raising with some of the best introductions I've ever heard. If you readers have any libertarian leaning at all, you can be proud to associated with such folks as Mike, Gary, and Barbara.

Gerardo said...

If you click through, the donor code is "Podium." You should have that changed to "Mungowitz" or maybe "the Cheesiest."

He is the best presidential candidate in a long time, that's for sure. He's no Bob Barr.

JFlee said...

Do you think Gary is legit? Or just like the rest?