Tuesday, July 03, 2012


1.  Women who really like politics have more frequent....um, fun.

2.  The US should bury its power lines.  Because Germany does.  (David Frum is an idiot, in other words.  Germany has a population density of 600 per square mile.  The US has a population density of 83 per square mile.  Even the state of Virginia, where Mr. Frum is whining about missing his AC, has only a pop density of 196 per square mile.  It's just not economical, not even close to it...)

3.  Election determined by...100 million year old coastline, and geology of soil.  Closer to the Annales school, which is little known in US outside of history depts.

4.  In Korea:  Fan Death.  Yes, really.

5.  If Assange should be prosecuted for espionage, then the NYTimes should be, also.


John Thacker said...

The interesting thing about the religion claim in the first link is that University of Chicago researchers found found the opposite. More orgasms the more religious women were, and the more the more conservative the denomination.

Dr. Tufte said...

As to burying power lines, there's two issues.

1) Buried power lines do electrocute people (even with low voltage). And it's not just workers digging ... just type in a few keywords.

2) Germany has not dealt with the long-term cost of replacing their power lines. I'd like to see an NPV analysis with a time horizon of a few hundred years before I jumped on this bandwagon.