Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gadgets. LOTS of Gadgets, From Koopa

Koopa sends this email:

Thought you might like this. I put together for a friend, and then ended up posting on Facebook. Have talked to a lot of you about these gadgets. Feel free to forward.How I Turned Our Apartment Into the Jetsons
  As a lot of people know, I recently bought a boatload of gadgets for our apartment. A bunch of folks have been asking me about these devices, so I figured I would do a quick post.
 The goal was to make our day-to-day living hyper efficient, through three processes:
 a. Automation - I've automated a lot of my daily routines.
b. Go Wireless - We've upgraded a lot of items to make them wireless. These devices communicate with our network, and help me track more data.
 c. Go Faster - There are two components to "go faster". Either a gadget completes an existing function more quickly, or it subsumes another function in a more efficient manner.  Here's the list
(below the fold):






Dave said...

Where's the moving sidewalk and toaster-looking robot maid?

Jim Oliver said...

Where do you put it all?

PS I hope that have a few good knives. I have seen kitchens with everything but a decent knife. I like Henkles.

Anonymous said...