Sunday, February 17, 2013

Commentary on Rebel Defenses

Commentary on Rebel Alliance defense strategy on Hoth.  In short:  not good.  Comments are better than the article.

I'm not sure that this is quite fair, though.  After all, the writers were not able to defend even themselves against some of the most insipid dialogue ever seen in movies in Episodes I-III.  Asking them to defend a planet against a mechanized intergallactic force of combined air and land units is a bit much.

Nod to Angry Alex.


Tom said...

I was given to understand that Mungo did not read fiction. Yet, here he is reading (and writing) about fiction. Stop, Mungo; put down that keyboard and read Snow Crash - available for Kindle or printed on dead trees.

Mungowitz said...

Snow Crash is NOT fiction. It is a prediction about the future of humanity. And therefore worth reading.

I actually use it in class, for freshman classes on economics.