Friday, February 01, 2013

Reefer...Er....Catnip Madness: Near CATatonia

"It works as a CATalyst."

Yes, a spoof of idiotic drug war propaganda.  And a big hit at Sundance.

Nod to Angry Alex


Pelsmin said...

Yeah, our cat, Calico, used to be well-adjusted and productive, but after she got in with a bad crowd, she spent all her time "chasing the mouse."
BTW, Mike, this shows your blog has hit rock bottom: cute cat videos on the internet? As Dr. Dominice of the ISFDA would say, realizing you have a problem is the first step. Please get help before I pull up the blog looking for a witty clip from the Triangle Econometrics Workshop and see a hamster eating a piece of popcorn.

John D. said...

What Pelsmin said. Get help.

Mungowitz said...

there are videos of hamsters eating popcorn? can you send me a link? right away? please?