Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grand Game

Wow.  Just, wow.  Ed of MSNBC makes some macroeconomic claims that are pretty darned strong.  If Ed were right (and yes I got this from Angus), Zimbabwe would have the highest GDP/cap on earth.  Please do feel free to share your thoughts in comments, folks!

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Nod to the ever-vigilant WH, who had this response here

It is nice that Ed took time to talk about my own little home state.  But it would be okay with me if he directs his genius elsewhere from now on.

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Tom said...

"Republican playbook says..." that making up positions for your opponent and then attacking the straw man is a pretty standard and still very weak rhetorical device.

Ed says the NC law affects "federal extended benefits."

Ed: "For every dollar spent on unemployment, two dollars are pumped back into 'the economy'." Even a Keynsian should gulp for air upon hearing that. Ed then doubles down on the effect of this on local economies. Umm, Ed... ED! Where does the money for the unemployment payments come from? ... Ed? Okay, I guess "from thin air" would be his answer. Thus consuming without producing is the thing that keeps us going.

I can't leave without carping on Bill Heasley, who writes "Everything called insurance is not insurance." No, Bill some things called insurance are insurance.