Saturday, February 02, 2013

Markets in the Oldest Thing

The rich shale oil formation deep below the rolling pastures here has attracted droves of young men to work the labor-intensive jobs that get the wells flowing and often generate six-figure salaries. What the oil boom has not brought, however, are enough single women...This has complicated life for women in the region as well. Many said they felt unsafe. Several said they could not even shop at the local Walmart without men following them through the store. Girls’ night out usually becomes an exercise in fending off obnoxious, overzealous suitors who often flaunt their newfound wealth...Prosecutors and the police note an increase in crimes against women, including domestic and sexual assaults...Some women have banked on the female shortage. Williston’s two strip clubs attract dancers from around the country. [NYTimes]


Nod to Kevin Lewis

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Geo said...

Are there strip joints in China?

This might be a preview of what's to come when all those siblingless males come of age there.