Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too legit to quit

First Yoweri Museveni, dictator of Uganda, informs us that he is "too experienced" to step down from power.

Then, sensing a challenge to his crown as king of African absurdity, Bobby Mugabe ups the ante by telling us he has a "divine mission" to rule Zimbabwe.

Museveni: 27 years and counting.

Mugabe: 33 years and counting.

Uganda has never had a peaceful transfer of political power.

Zimbabwe has never had ANY kind of transfer of political power.

Anyone want to tell me again how great it is to have been a British colony?


John Thacker said...

Well, there is Botswana, which is a former British colony and has had peaceful transfer of power. Isn't "compared to what" always the question?

Angus said...

Botswana has had peaceful transfers of power between people, but never between parties. They are at best like Mexico in the 80's and 90's a "one party democracy". Obviously much better than my two guys though.

Lord Andzie-Quainoo said...

Ghana is a British colony and we transferred power peacefully between parties in 2000, and 2008.

James A. Donald said...

Rhodesia, however, had regular peaceful transfers of power, in which everyone who met certain quite reasonable requirements, requirements that were entirely race neutral, was allowed to vote.

British colonies did pretty well under the informal empire, before Queen Victoria was declared empress.

The formal empire, after Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress, was a disaster, and decolonization, for example Zimbabwe, an even bigger disaster.

The disaster of Zimbabwe was prefigured by the disaster of ending feudalism and slavery in the Ashantee empire, previously one of the best run governments in Black Africa.

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