Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Grand Game: Academic Economic Follies

Grand Game!  A remarkable set of claims here.  Turns out that free markets have been discredited by an asset bubble caused by government mismanagement of financial regulation, money supply, and credit.  More importantly, and astonishingly, Marxism has NOT been discredited by the collapse, or moribund economy, of every country that has ever tried it.  Only in England would one see such a "conference." 

Enjoy, and thanks to John O.


Hasdrubal said...

Still waiting for physics professors to be pilloried for their unrealistic "frictionless, airless, infinite planes" used in teaching. I mean, you just have to look out your window to see that's blatantly untrue! Calculating the rate at which a baseball thrown into the air will fall without accounting for air friction has been debunked since roughly the time of Galileo, for goodness sakes!

Jack Q said...

"Joffe, a former biologist..."

Okay, so I searched for Michael Joffe in 184 economics journals on

"No results found"

What a moron.

Unknown said...

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