Thursday, November 14, 2013

MSNBC jumps the shark

Consider this description of an MSNBC report:

MSNBC co-host Touré thinks the main reason Senator Mary Landrieu (D., La.) and other red-state Democrats are moving forward with bills to delay Obamacare is that they’ve been “gerrymandered” into safe seats. 

He explained on The Cycle that vulnerable Democrats such as Landrieu, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas have to deal with appealing to right-leaning constituents because of their . . . situation. “We see red-state Democrats who are dealing with the challenge of living and governing in a gerrymandered world,” Touré said. 

Um...he does understand that those are all SENATORS, right?  Elected from states?  The big things on the map, the ones with the state lines set by federal statutes of territorial admission?  

I mean, it's one thing to claim that problems in the House are caused by gerrymandering.  (They aren't).  But...the Senate?  Really?  I understand that MSNBC doesn't hire commentators with an IQ over 80, but this is embarrassing.


Pelsmin said...

Ok, so those Senators aren't running for reelection in gerrymandered districts. But that doesn't change the fact that they still need to win their voters' approval every two years. And that has them worried.

Anonymous said...

@Pelsmin--you should have paid more attention in civics class. As long as they can win the Electrical College vote, they'll be fine.

Yancey Ward said...

I am often amazed at how ill-informed talking heads on television really are, but MSNBC is by far the worst.

Unknown said...

Well, Senators have to face the voters every six years.

I agree about many of the talking heads being poorly informed. Perhaps they should be called "low information pundits".

Pelsmin said...

Unknown --

I'm pretty sure it's every two years for Senators, and once a quarter for Representatives. But you missed a mistake by Anonymous that you can correct...

God, does this make me a troll?