Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Lots of questions here.  Most important:  There's a village called "Wool"?

2.  The 'Dome's going down.  We spent some time there, long ago, Chateau and I.

3.  Electric cars could work, if the electricity were generated by fuel cells.  But where to get the hydrogen?

4.  Movie better if meesa die! And this is disturbing.

5. Come the revolution, we'll all work for the state!

6.  BHO is just as bad as GWB...because he's NO DIFFERENT.  Not a very good gardener, and spreads way too much manure.

7.  You're my obsession...street sweeper obsession...

8.  Easy prediction:  This will be Angus.

9. Decision flow chart for politicians, using example "You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan!"

10.  Cancelled?  Share!

11.  Richard Dawkins:  God's Special Snowflake.  Wait, he's an athiest.  Well, he still thinks he's a special snowflake.  He's a big statist, politically.  But he doesn't like it when rules actually apply to HIM.

12.  Interesting commentary on HealthCare.Gov.

13.  Police Pup pensions.

14.  Is "confusing and constantly changing without getting better" the same as "Hayekian"?  LeBron gives space to the question, from his commenters.

15.  Vintage "Firing Line" from 1988.  A room full of very stiff white people.  And Dr. Paul.  He looks different now, but sure sounds the same.

16.  Somehow it all makes sense when Kanye says it.  Not.

17.  It is possible to buy citizenship, at least for your child.

18.  Problems with urine splashback?  These guys are ON it!

19.  Marriage in rough patch?  Fix it up, with a "long romantic Kristallnacht"?

20.  Not sure what this fellow was trying to do.  I don't think it was this.

21.  Watch your head.  Incoming GOCE.

22.  Interesting story about Stanford football.

23.  Words of the profit, in health care.;

24.  I'm with Susan : I find these hilarious, even if they may not be quite real.

25.  The PhD product and its value.

26.  A happy little story about PhDs....not.  Not happy, that is.

27.  Does this seem like a problem to you?  It seems like a problem to me.

28.  The reason the police need this tank is for the protection of citizens.  No, really, they said so.   They can't lie to reporters.

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Unknown said...

Actually fuel cells are nothing new, Daimler Chrysler worked on fuel cell cars long before Toyota even began. Do you see a lot of new Mercedes fuel cell cars around? No, you don't.

Part of that is that the infrastructure for hydrogen deployment is very difficult, hazardous and costly. Do you transport liquid or gaseous hydrogen? What happens in case of an accident.

And last but not least, as you mentioned, where will the hydrogen come from. In the long run that means electric separation of water molecules, which consumes a lot of energy in itself. I doubt that this will be the big breakthrough, although I could wager that like bio-gas cars it might be a small side-market.