Thursday, February 06, 2014


(I'm sure GWB never used the non-word "contradictoration."  But he should have, so I will).

There seems to be some confusion about marijuana.

First, the Democrats and some others who are pushing to legalize marijuana are trying to make tobacco illegal.  What's up with that?  Our President, himself a long-time smoker, favors this approach.

Second, the Republicans who opposed legalizing marijuana and want people to use less of it are now trying to lower the taxes on that same marijuana

Third, our President, also a long-time pot smoker, has said that he will never favor marijuan legalization.  Until he said that pot was "no more dangerous" than tobacco.  Let's suppose they are equally dangerous.  Then why has Obama cracked down sharply on medical marijuana

The point being that if they are equally dangerous, then why has Obama cracked down hard on legal prescription marijuana, advocated for legal recreational marijuana, and smoked tobacco while pushing to make tobacco illegal, or at least unavailable?

You know what?  Politicians are crazy.  Mr. Obama said "inhaling was the point."  I guess he just was using a metaphor for sucking.


Patrick Sullivan said...

If you like your marijuana, you can keep it. Until you can't.

John Thacker said...

Well, in Colorado the taxes are set so high that they're self-defeating. They're not even revenue-maximizing (well, in the absence of strict supply restrictions and a willingness to stamp out any black market sales.)

Pavel said...

Well, a possible scenario is that marijuana is actually bad for you and that's why Obama is like he is

Anonymous said...

Well, Pavel, Obama was still good enough to wipe the floor with Mitt Romney. So there's that.

The logical implication of Dr. Obama M.D.'s assessments is that alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana should be legal but heavily regulated (like everything else in the Obama economy). But given that the CDC says that tobacco leads to 440,000 dead Americans per year and alcohol leads to 88,000 dead Americans per year, the implication should be that those things need to be taxed MUCH more than the benign, tasty, and enlightening ganja.

Also, Obama has given us a very nice euphemism for mendacious hypocrisy: "evolving." (He "evolved" on gay marriage, whether you can keep your healthcare, etc., etc.)